By: Nando

It’s been quite a while since I last played Far Cry 3 on the PlayStation 3, not since it’s initial release 8 years ago. So what’s new in this version of Far Cry 3? A little more and a little less actually, a bit disappointed in that sense. While it’s version of the game is essentially just the PC version, the graphics were given a small upgrade from the console version. That’s not all bad, the story, in my opinion, still hold up and is better than what was featured in the 4th and 5th installments. Most of that credit can be given to an antagonist by the name of Vaas. Vaas is arguably the star of the show, the second he shows up, you know he is not to be crossed, ever. Having kidnapped the protagonist Jason Brody’s friend and brother, is all the motivation you’ll need to rescue them and get off the island. You’re not alone in this fight for survival, you’ll come across friendly allies with similar goal in mind to help you out on your journey. Gameplay still hold up for the most part but definitely shows it age in combat and minuscule platform sections. Shakey camera while in combat proves to be more a nuisance than fun but can still be competent. The open world is also a lot of fun to explore, especially considering you’ll need to hunt down the island’s wildlife to upgrade your inventory space, gun holster, ammo packs and etc, just watch out for Vaas’s men who are out looking for you. All in all the game holds up rather well but is still a toned down version of the game, Multiplayer and Co-Op were removed from this version of the game. Having said that the game should still be played but not at a full retail price.

My rating


An 8 year old competent shooter, while only featuring the single player component, is still worth your time for the right price.

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