The Lost Wild

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There are several dinosaur games that are coming out if you have not heard. For this blog I’ll be discussing the game “The Lost Wild”, has some Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Alien Insulation to name a few.

From the limited information I know about this game, it starts of you playing a reporter/journalist who somehow gets stranded on an island filled with animals we recognize, deer and such plus dinosaurs! You have some help from a mysterious voice from a radio (reminds me of Bioshock). I from what I understand sounds like you’ll be dealing with dinosaurs mainly in a non-lethal way, distractions, stealth mode, or even scaring the dinosaurs away from you using whatever you find along your journey. I could be wrong on this and you may be able to find weapons to attack dinosaurs, but it does sound more like a survival game if you have limited resources.

The game is planned to be released by 2024, and even though in the trailer it says its available for Steam, the developers do plan to release on consoles too not just PC. As a fan of the Dino Crisis game, I am glad someone is making a dinosaur survival game, and look forward to more information about this game in the future.

The Messenger Review

Being a ninja has never been so much fun. Considering The Messenger plays like an old school Ninja Gaiden game, and that’s definitely saying something. The Messenger plays like a classic NES game from the days of old. The story plays out in its classic form, big bad guy destroys everything and the only thing to save the world is in a scroll. So, of course, it’s up to you to deliver that scroll in The Messenger. Gameplay stands out as one of the most precise action platform games out there, with a unique jump mechanic to set it apart from other games. This is accompanied by an incredible soundtrack, each level has its own musical track, personally like by Keiji Yamagishi himself, the composer for the original Ninja Gaiden games. From beginning to end The Messenger kept me entertained at a reasonable length for a game of its kind (about 8 hours). Considering it retails usually for $20 I would still wait for a sale to grab it.

Unsung Gamers Score: 9

Review by: ShadowAlchemistX

Returning to Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards. I’ve seen them a lot lately, but because of a good friend of mine he’s convinced me to go back and try “to catch them all” again. Thanks Craig 🙂

I’m returning to collecting them, because i kinda have a sad story about it. I once had a folder of the base collection. Yes the original set of Pokemon cards. I am not gonna lie and say I had all the rare cards I didn’t even have the Charizard. But I did have Alakazam, I did have Blastoise and others. I’d save my money from my allowance I received and bought cards. Yes I even used them to play the actual game. I did not know the value they would be today lol. But I made the mistake of taking my folder to school. I put it in my locker and when I went back, my folder of Pokemon cards was gone. Disappeared. I asked and I did what I could as far as investigating and at the time no one cared if you lost your “playing cards”. At least that how they were looked at.

It was a sad time, it took me awhile to collect those cards. Especially back then as a kid, no job and using what money I got to buy when I could. I didn’t want to start over so I didn’t buy anymore. I still continued my obsession of Pokemon, playing the video games, watching the movies and shows. Took a major hiatus once I was in college, but I never shied away that I collected Pokemon cards at one time. Now years later, I’m back. This time with a adult job and a little bit of spending money now after bills (adult life is expensive) and some influencing from a friend who would share his findings. I’m back at it. Starting a new collection and hopefully I can catch or find them all.

To those who are like me, been a while since you collected or maybe some childhood hobby. Go out there and do it again! Life is short. Enjoy life and do what you love. I’m a grown up who loves pokemon, plays video games, loves anime, and jump in a ball pit because its fun lol. Cheers everyone!

Shadow Warrior 3 Review

Shadow Warrior 3 is one of those games that say “F’ It” with style. The game right from the beginning knows it’s in an outrageous scenario and rolls with it, with an overtop one lining hero in Lo Wang leading the charge to save the world. Taking place some time after Shadow Warrior 2, Lo Wang finds himself against incredible odds and has almost given into just letting go. The ones who change his mind are ironically his enemies from the past games, now with an unlikely, yet, comedic team up, Lo Wang sets off to kill The Ancient Dragon that’s destroyed the world. The game is entirely set in a first person shooter perspective, with fast gameplay that rivals the Doom series. Although the weapon count is lowered from previous installments, it also gives the ones you have more spotlight time. From the beginning, the game refuses to slow down, when you do it’s only for cutscenes with plenty of laughing dialogue. Also this game encourages you to play quick, taking your time in combat is a quick way to your death. Having said that, Shadow Warrior 3 lacks side quests, like the previous game, that would reward you with XP and better weapons. It should also be said that Shadow Warrior 3, is definitely on the shorter side of any game, my runtime was just over 4 hours. At it’s current price, I would recommend you wait for a deep/flash sale for Shadow Warrior 3, for a 4 hour campaign, I can’t recommend the game at full price. All in all the game itself is still fun and should definitely be on your list.

Unsung Gamers Score – 7 out of 10