Pokemon cards. I’ve seen them a lot lately, but because of a good friend of mine he’s convinced me to go back and try “to catch them all” again. Thanks Craig 🙂

I’m returning to collecting them, because i kinda have a sad story about it. I once had a folder of the base collection. Yes the original set of Pokemon cards. I am not gonna lie and say I had all the rare cards I didn’t even have the Charizard. But I did have Alakazam, I did have Blastoise and others. I’d save my money from my allowance I received and bought cards. Yes I even used them to play the actual game. I did not know the value they would be today lol. But I made the mistake of taking my folder to school. I put it in my locker and when I went back, my folder of Pokemon cards was gone. Disappeared. I asked and I did what I could as far as investigating and at the time no one cared if you lost your “playing cards”. At least that how they were looked at.

It was a sad time, it took me awhile to collect those cards. Especially back then as a kid, no job and using what money I got to buy when I could. I didn’t want to start over so I didn’t buy anymore. I still continued my obsession of Pokemon, playing the video games, watching the movies and shows. Took a major hiatus once I was in college, but I never shied away that I collected Pokemon cards at one time. Now years later, I’m back. This time with a adult job and a little bit of spending money now after bills (adult life is expensive) and some influencing from a friend who would share his findings. I’m back at it. Starting a new collection and hopefully I can catch or find them all.

To those who are like me, been a while since you collected or maybe some childhood hobby. Go out there and do it again! Life is short. Enjoy life and do what you love. I’m a grown up who loves pokemon, plays video games, loves anime, and jump in a ball pit because its fun lol. Cheers everyone!

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