Let Me Tell You About a Sea.Crit Interview

Sea.Crit [Tori]

Welcome everyone to our first! Unsung Gamers interview, with the one and only Ms. Sea.Crit.

UG: First thank you very much for doing this interview and we are happy to have you. Would you like to give an introduction?
Sea.Crit: Hey Friends, you can call me Tori. I go by the game name SeaCrits. Always looking to have fun gaming and find new friends! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @Sea.crit (link in the home page).

UG: Let’s get into the questions. How did you come up with the name “Sea.Crit”?
Sea.Crit: I came up with my name as a fresh start around 2019. With my name Victoria I got alot of comments about Victoria’s Secret. So I made a play on words with SeaCrits.

UG: Nice! What games are you currently playing?
Sea.Crit: Currently I’m playing Halo Infinite on Xbox and Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond on Switch.

UG: Great games! Here’s a fun question. What video game character (from any game) would you want to be?
Sea.Crit: I would definitely be Sans from Undertale.

UG: Oh, fantastic pick. What is a popular game everyone loves but you dislike?
Sea.Crit: A game I dislike but has been very popular, is “Among Us”.

UG: That is a popular game, I myself have yet to play it lol. What got you into playing video games?
Sea.Crit: I’ve been gaming for all my life. My dad had introduced me to the NES and Super Nintendo (SNES) since I was a toddler.

UG: Very cool of your dad. Final question, what are the future plans of Sea.Crit gaming?
Sea.Crit: My future with gaming isn’t going anywhere! I’ll always be a gamer and I plan on growing my collection while hoping to continue to make friends in this [gaming] community.

UG: Excellent! Very cool to have you as our first interview Tori. We greatly appreciate you agreeing to do this interview.
Sea.Crit: Thank you for the oppurtunity!

Once again this is the great Sea.Crit a.k.a. Tori. You can follow her Instagram page @sea.crit or click on the link in the homepage that will be available for the week of Dec.13-19th. If you would like to be interview reach out to us and we’ll set up a time and date to conduct an interview. Until then, we are the Unsung Gamers, saving the world, one game at a time.

Recognizing The Gaming Community

Online Interview

Starting this upcoming week we will be interviewing some of our fellow gamers in the gaming community. Put a spotlight on them and get to know them. Introductions or maybe get insights on what some of our gamers are doing in the gaming world.

Our New Interview will be with Sea.Crit coming Dec. 13th.

Mega Man NES Version Why I love to Hate it!

Mega Man Bosses

Mega man! I can still hear the theme song from the 90s TV series, and yes I am that old. I decided to play the ole’ NES version of Mega Man a.k.a. “Rockman” (the first one). I recall talking to my fellow gamer Johnny5Arcade about how I miss the simplicity of the game. Just you, a blaster, and the jump button. Moving through the levels and maneuvering all the obstacles just to get to, what I consider the fun part, the boss battle. It really brought back the nostalgia of when I owned a orignail NES and the struggle of getting through the levels. Luckily this time I am able to save the game when I get tired or need a break.

I did recall there was an order to fight the bosses to use their own power vs the others. This was the order I went through them, using my Pokemon knowledge of element weaknesses: Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Iceman, Fireman, and now to the final boss Dr. Wily. Currently that is where I left off at, and should be able to beat here soon, however like I said getting to him will be the ultimate gauntlet getting through the final level to get to him. I love the game, I love the play, and even love how you have to use some logistics to get past some of the level play (guessing patterns, and such), but man it takes like 2-3 continues to figure it out lol. I hate that it takes me longer and find it more difficult to get to the boss than the boss battle itself lol. That’s when I need to take a break from the game and then get back and apply what I learned from my mistakes I made.

But rest assured even after this game, I plan on playing the other Mega Man games all the way to the X and XZ series. I just forgot how much I enjoyed the game, and happy I have my arcade to do so.

Assassins Creed: Valhalla

by PhantomRicon


I finally beat this game not too long ago, and after hours and hours upon hours of gameplay. A tremendous and beautiful game. It wasn’t perfect but still an entertaining game that had me wanting to grab my controller again and continue my quest. The combat, characters, narrative, beautiful levels, and the option to make choices that determine the ending all mix great together to make a great RPG game. I recommend this game if you haven’t tried it, especially if you are like Vikings and history.

Battlefield 2042 Review

By: PhantomRicon


“This game is gonna be Warzones downfall”. I said this in our podcast a few weeks ago. Now those comments have not aged well even if it’s just been a weekend since release or a week in a half (if you got the early access pre order). I am very disappointed in this Battlefield game. Yes it has components and the look of battlefield. But it’s missing some of the major components that made the Battlefield games of the last great. No scoreboard to see your stats in the game, maybe just me but there’s not enough vehicles to use. I catch myself running most of the map trying to get to the next base in a conquest game. I understand they need to make the map big to accommodate the amount of players (64). It’s a lot of open space where having a vehicle really gives you the advantage. Rockets used to take them down seem like the Sniper rifle ammo can take those vehicles down faster. These are some of the issues I’ve come across and there are others. Max squad players is 4 when I believe in previous battlefield games you can still link up via in the same server. Just won’t be on the same said team.
However! I hope this was Battlefields plan. Release this anticipated game with the known issues and then with the updates release them with all the components we all loved in previous Battlefield games. One update and a time so is Gamers will continue to return. “Oh they fixed it, but missing this. They’ll get it on the next update” and so on. We gotta remember even though we as fans have expectations for these games it’s still a business. A business that now with online relies on us gamers to keep coming back and playing more.
For now the game will do and it’s still fun to play with friends. For now Warzone has won this battle. We’ll see a few months down the road for new changes and updates for these two rivalry franchises.

New Podcast Episode Out Now

S02Ep14: We have special guest Germayn on the show. Join us as we discuss the amazing new Spider-Man trailer, the early access some of us had for Battlefield this past week, the Halo Multiplayer release, discuss game of the year and our interview with Germayn. 0:00 Intro, 2:46 Spider-Man Trailer, 21:00 Battlefield, 28:20 Halo, 40:55 Game of the year/Germayn Interview. Enjoy! Cheers!