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We wanted to take a moment to let you know that we will be taking a short hiatus from our regular content for out blog website for a bit. This decision was not made lightly, but life has hit me hard right now and need some time to focus on other priorities.

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Reason 2: Why 80s Games Are Still Great

As mentioned before the 80s was the beginning if not the birth of video games. It was the era when gaming first entered the mainstream, with the explosion of arcade gaming and the rise of home consoles. One of the more memorable reasons why they are still great is because those games played back in the 80s are still being played today, and just just as remakes or sequels, but also winning awards in the process. This brings me to the memorable characters and their worlds.

Memorable characters and worlds

Another key factor in the success of 80s games was their memorable characters and worlds. From Mario and Luigi to Sonic the Hedgehog to the cast of Street Fighter, these games created iconic characters that players could connect with and root for. The games were also set in richly detailed worlds that felt alive and immersive, from the haunted mansions of Ghosts ‘n Goblins to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mad Max. We can not forget about the great Legend of Zelda franchise. Those that know this game know they are about to play a beautiful game, either from the past or now, and more in the coming future. I for one will be one of those gamers that will continue to play Legend of Zelda games. Nintendo you’ve done a stellar job and keeping me coming back for more and giving you more of my money. Keep it classy everyone!

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Demon Slayer Recap: Entertainment District Arc

With the new Swordsman Village story arc about to begin, let’s go back and do a quick recap about the last story arc our favorite demon slaying trio, Tanjiro, Inouske, and Zenitsu.

The entertainment district arc in the Demon Slayer is a thrilling and captivating storyline that showcases some of the most beautiful and intricate graphics in the series… so far. From the stunningly detailed character designs to the intricate and breathtaking landscapes, this arc is a true feast for the eyes.

One of the most impressive aspects of the entertainment district art is the way in which it captures the unique atmosphere of this particular location. The district is portrayed as a bustling and vibrant hub of activity, filled with colorful street performers, delicious food vendors, and lively crowds of people. It’s like Mardi Gras meets Las Vegas, meets medieval age Japan. This is reflected in the graphics, which is full of bright colors and lively, dynamic compositions that perfectly capture the energy and excitement of the setting.

Another standout feature of the entertainment district art is the stunning attention to detail that is on display throughout the arc. The intricate character designs are particularly impressive, with each character featuring their own unique style, personality, and backstory that is brought to life through the beautiful and detailed art. Plus the trio team up with another Hashira (top ranked Demon Slayer), Tengen Uzui.

Overall, the entertainment district arc is a true masterpiece of art and storytelling in the Demon Slayer series. Whether you are a fan of the series or simply appreciate beautiful and captivating artwork, this arc is sure to leave you awestruck, amazed, and ready for the new story art coming out April 8th, 2023, or now if you head to the theaters you can catch the last 2 episodes of the Entertainment District Arc, followed by the new 1 hour episode of the new season of Demon Slayer!

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You okay Warzone?

I’ve played warzone since its release and been a great way to stay in touch with a lot of friends and family. However even with all its strengths, the biggest issue plaguing this game is cheaters and hackers.

One of the most significant issues with Warzone is the rise or continued rise of cheaters and hackers. These players use various hacks and exploits to gain an unfair advantage over others, ruining the experience for those who play the game fairly. I know winning is fun, but in my opinion its even better winning when you win following the rules. The game’s developers have attempted to address this issue through various anti-cheat measures, but these efforts have not always been effective, and the problem persists.

Another issue with Warzone is the game’s technical performance. Many players have reported experiencing bugs, glitches, and crashes, which can cause frustration and disrupt gameplay. This is especially true for players with lower-end hardware, who may struggle to run the game smoothly.

The game’s balance is also a point of contention for some players. Some weapons and abilities are perceived to be overpowered, while others are considered too weak, leading to frustration among players who feel that the game is unfair or who feel they have to pay a certain price to buy weapons that do pack a punch via micro transactions.

Finally, some players have criticized the game’s progression system, which can be slow and grindy, requiring players to invest significant amounts of time and effort to unlock new weapons and abilities. Though I’ve read this to be an issue this is something I myself am okay with. I see both the pros and cons of it. Pros you become familiar with weapons, you get better from usage, and you play the game for long periods. The cons you play the game for long periods since it does take a significant amount of time to make those upgrades, and some folks just dont have that time anymore, just want to jump on and play. There’s more but that could be another blog post…maybe.

While Warzone remains a popular game, these issues highlight some of the challenges that the game’s developers face in creating a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players. As the game continues to evolve and grow, it is likely that these issues will continue to be a point of discussion and debate among the Warzone community and the foreseeable future.

DC Presents: Injustice

Injustice is a DC animated film based on the popular video game of the same name. The story is set in an alternate universe where Superman becomes a tyrant after the Joker tricks him into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child. In the aftermath of this tragedy, Superman establishes a new world order where he and other heroes serve as judges, juries, and executioners. We talked about thought-provoking in our last blog post “Death Note”. This one is another one of those topics.

The film explores complex themes such as power, justice, and morality in a way that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. One of the most intriguing aspects of Injustice is its portrayal of Superman as a deeply flawed character. The Man of Steel is often depicted as an infallible hero, but in this story, he is forced to confront his own fallibility and the consequences of his actions. Again, I do believe many in his position may do the same or attempt. By “many” I don’t intend to mean the majority or minority of people, but I do think many people put in a situation like that with Superman’s abilities may think the same way.

The film also delves into the question of whether the ends justify the means. Superman believes that he is creating a better world by taking extreme measures to prevent crime and violence, but his methods are increasingly brutal and authoritarian. This raises the question of whether a just society can be built on the foundation of fear and oppression. It’s subtly brought up in many conversations Superman has with those who oppose him.

Injustice also explores the idea of loyalty and betrayal. As Superman’s regime becomes more oppressive, some of his former allies begin to question their loyalty to him and join the resistance. The film shows how difficult it can be to stand up to a powerful leader, even when it is the right thing to do. Hence the resistance, or can be seen as the origins of any revolution in history.

The animation in Injustice is top-notch, with dynamic fight scenes and stunning visuals. The voice acting is also superb, with many of the actors from the video game reprising their roles for the film. The story is well-paced, and the character development is excellent, with each character grappling with their own inner demons.

Overall, Injustice is a must-watch for DC fans and anyone interested in thought-provoking storytelling. The film raises important questions about power, justice, and morality, and it does so in a way that is both entertaining and engaging. If you’re looking for an action-packed, emotionally resonant animated film, Injustice is definitely worth checking out.

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Death Note Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2. Before I begin SPOILERS! I will be discussing the plot, twists, and ending of this great anime.

Where we left off in part 1, the premise of the show revolves around a high school student named Light Yagami who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose name he writes in it. Light sees himself as a moral crusader, using the Death Note to rid the world of criminals and create a utopia where crime no longer exists. However, as he continues to use the Death Note, Light’s sense of justice becomes increasingly twisted, and he begins to see himself as a god-like figure with the power to decide who lives and dies. This comes into question early on, as police in the show or justice trys to stop him or his alter ego you can say named Kira. At this point he writes those who try to capture him names into the notebook.

The show also introduces a second main character, a mysterious detective known only as L, who is tasked with finding and stopping Light. L’s methods are unorthodox, and he is willing to use any means necessary to catch Light, including manipulating and deceiving others. He is almost the exact opposite of Light, except he has to figure out everything and needs to, to bring Kira to justice. Things get even more complicated for L once a second Kira pops up that turns out to be Micasa, a model and a loyalist to the real Kira, Light Yagami. The two team up to stop L finding out who they are.

During the anime, L comes close and at times knows Light is Kira, but has no hard evidence to prove it. It’s a great chess match of mind games as they both try to stay ahead of each other. Light from being captured, and can’t use the book to kill him since “L” Light believes is not his real name. I loved how when Light tells Ryuk to take away his notebook and in doing so he forgets everything about the notebook and what he has done with it. You see Light become this innocent person, never wanting to bend any rules, and at one point L tries to convince Light to use his advantage over Micasa (who L also thinks is the other Kira) to keep her close. But Light says he does not feel morally right about doing that. However later in the anime he does that exact thing to two women, once he gets his memory back.

This made me thing about how “power” of any kind, money, influence to get followers, authority, or a book that gives you the power to kill anyone, changes the person and lets that “power” get into their head, or does this power amplify the person you are already?

The conflict between Light and L raises questions about the morality of using extreme methods to achieve a goal, as well as the nature of justice and who has the right to determine it. The show also explores themes of power and corruption, as Light’s increasing reliance on the Death Note leads him down a dark path.

The series caught me off guard when L died, and leaving Light to continue his what he believed was his moral duty. For the next 6 years it says in the this world of Death Note crime has gone down almost 70% around the world. Everyone on the planet knows the name Kira, to a point it looks like there is a religion that follows him. In these 6 years Kira continues to kill criminals. This made me think about what about those criminals who may have been wrongfully arrested, or framed. Did those folks need to die? But who would judge that, Kira? I’m sure justice systems around the world would arrest those they have proof should be jailed, but nothing is perfect. Then there was a part where folks could post a post on the internet and if it caught Kira attention he would act on it. Yeah the crime rate dropped by 70%, and there is a cost. I guess if we had that choice would you be okay with that. Or as Spock says “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Would this be one of those situations?

All these thoughts come to mind and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but then we forward to the end when L’s next to take his place come into play. They find out L has died and two students of L step to see who ever solves the mystery of Kira takes L’s place. Those two characters are Near and Mello. Both smart individuals, and use their intellect and daring moves to capture Kira. Both already suspect Light Yagami as Kira, but again no proof.

Fast forward to the end it takes both Near and Tello to bring down Kira in his own ‘being a step ahead’ game. Not only do they get a confession, but they get evidence, witnesses, and humbles Light Yagami and brings him back down to earth. The option then comes down to kill Light Yagami or bring in to justice. When this scene plays out, you have to stop and think about how much influence the Kira character has and if taken to jail how big of a riot or mutiny or revolution the people who follow Kira would do to save him. Even if he did commit murder, killed anyone and everyone who was in his way, and put people in danger no matter the cost to protect his secret. One of those instances was the death of his father. One can debate keeping him alive could be a risk, but in the end its Justice that will decide his faith and Near and his team should bring him. At least that’s what I thought would happen instead Light with his last resort tries to kill everyone with a piece of the death note, but is shot by one of Light’s own team members. The end was sad, tragic, but with closure.

I think I can write more and more and I’m sure there are some parts that I am missing that I want to bring up, if anything maybe we can dedicate a podcast episode to this show. It’s definitely worth another watch, and is on my top list of great anime’s. With this one being a 37 episode series, this has to be the greatest short series Anime ever. I haven’t seen ALL anime, so as of right now this one is on that list for me.

Overall, Death Note challenges the viewer to consider complex moral and ethical questions in a compelling and thought-provoking way. The show is well-written and well-paced, and it encourages the viewer to engage with its themes in a way that few other anime or TV shows can match. Highly recommended if you haven’t watched it, even with these spoilers its still worth the watch.

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Reason 1: Why 80s Games Are Still Great

There are several reasons or some could say infinite reasons if you’re from the 80s [points finger at self]. I’d like to just start with reason 1 of many to come.

The video game industry as we know it today was born in the 80s. Many of the games from this era are important milestones in the history of video games, and playing them is a way to experience gaming history firsthand.

Old video games from the 80s still hold up today due to their nostalgic value, simple yet challenging gameplay, innovative mechanics, timelessness, and historical significance. These classic games continue to be enjoyed by new generations of gamers, and are a testament to the enduring appeal of video games.

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Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts is a video game series with very similar gameplay mechanics and a huge variety of monsters or in this game known as Kemono, and the help of Karakuri to build things during a hunt. The game tasks the player to hunt massive monsters in Azuma, a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. If you’ve played Monster Hunter than this game is another world of exploration and hunting. Here are some reasons why Wild Hearts is such a good video game:

Combat System: The combat system in Wild Hearts is unique and requires the player to use strategy and planning to take down each monster. Every weapon has its own unique move set and play style, which adds to the depth of the game.

Exploration: The world of Wild Hearts is vast and full of surprises. There are many areas to explore, each with their own unique plants and animals. It's a great feeling to discover new areas and find rare resources to craft new gear.

Monster Variety: Wild Hearts has an impressive variety of monsters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This means that players must adapt to different strategies to take them down.

Multiplayer: The game also has a multiplayer component, which allows players to team up with friends (up to 3 at time time of this post) to take on monsters together. It's a great way to experience the game and adds to the social aspect of the game.

Crafting System: The crafting system in Wild Hearts is extensive, allowing players to create new weapons and armor from the resources they gather during their hunts. This adds to the satisfaction of taking down a monster and seeing the rewards of your hard work. Or at times another reason to hunt a recent defeated monster for more supplies.

In conclusion, Wild Hearts is a great video game that offers a fun and satisfying experience. It has something for everyone, whether you’re into combat, exploration, or crafting. If you haven’t tried it out yet, now is the perfect time to jump into the world of Wild Hearts.

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The Flash Going to Big Screen

Before we start this could be some spoilers for some. As far as I know the Flash movie is based on this comic Flashpoint. Here we go!

Flashpoint is a pivotal comic book storyline in the DC Universe that features the fastest man alive, The Flash. The story follows Barry Allen as he wakes up in a world that is completely different from the one he knows. His powers are gone, his friends and allies are enemies, and his mother is alive. In this alternate reality, Barry discovers that his actions in the past have created a butterfly effect that has altered the course of history.

The Flashpoint story arc was written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert. It was first published in 2011 and has since become a classic among fans of The Flash and the DC Universe. The story was also adapted into an animated movie in 2013, further cementing its place in pop culture.

One of the reasons Flashpoint is so popular is because of the unique alternate reality that it presents. It allows readers to see beloved characters in a completely different light, while still staying true to their core personalities. The story also explores the consequences of time travel and the impact that small changes can have on the world.

Overall, Flashpoint is a must-read for fans of The Flash and the DC Universe and if you have HBO Max the animation adaptation is on there as well. It is a gripping and emotional story that showcases the best of superhero comics. Whether you are a longtime fan or a newcomer to the world of comics, Flashpoint is a story that is sure to captivate and inspire.

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PS5 Will Be Okay Standing Vertically

There has been a lot of talk about the concerns of the PS5 standing vertically, and well going straight to the point:

While the issue at hand could potentially affect PS5 consoles that have been opened up for whatever reason, it appears to be a rare one, and not related to whether you stand it up vertically or lay it flat. If you own a PS5 console, rest easy knowing that either orientation is fine, just as Sony designed it to be.

More of this can be found on this article here by Paul Lilly explaining the origin of the concern and though there is potential, overall PS5 is is designed and even is presented to stand vertically on its advertising.

So yes, the PlayStation 5 is designed to stand vertically without any issues. The console comes with a detachable base that can be used to position the console in a vertical orientation. The base provides stability and support to the console, ensuring it remains upright and secure. It is important to ensure that the console is placed on a flat and stable surface and that the base is securely attached to the console. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid moving or shaking the console while it is in use to prevent any damage or issues.

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