PS5 Will Be Okay Standing Vertically

There has been a lot of talk about the concerns of the PS5 standing vertically, and well going straight to the point:

While the issue at hand could potentially affect PS5 consoles that have been opened up for whatever reason, it appears to be a rare one, and not related to whether you stand it up vertically or lay it flat. If you own a PS5 console, rest easy knowing that either orientation is fine, just as Sony designed it to be.

More of this can be found on this article here by Paul Lilly explaining the origin of the concern and though there is potential, overall PS5 is is designed and even is presented to stand vertically on its advertising.

So yes, the PlayStation 5 is designed to stand vertically without any issues. The console comes with a detachable base that can be used to position the console in a vertical orientation. The base provides stability and support to the console, ensuring it remains upright and secure. It is important to ensure that the console is placed on a flat and stable surface and that the base is securely attached to the console. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid moving or shaking the console while it is in use to prevent any damage or issues.

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