By: PhantomRicon


“This game is gonna be Warzones downfall”. I said this in our podcast a few weeks ago. Now those comments have not aged well even if it’s just been a weekend since release or a week in a half (if you got the early access pre order). I am very disappointed in this Battlefield game. Yes it has components and the look of battlefield. But it’s missing some of the major components that made the Battlefield games of the last great. No scoreboard to see your stats in the game, maybe just me but there’s not enough vehicles to use. I catch myself running most of the map trying to get to the next base in a conquest game. I understand they need to make the map big to accommodate the amount of players (64). It’s a lot of open space where having a vehicle really gives you the advantage. Rockets used to take them down seem like the Sniper rifle ammo can take those vehicles down faster. These are some of the issues I’ve come across and there are others. Max squad players is 4 when I believe in previous battlefield games you can still link up via in the same server. Just won’t be on the same said team.
However! I hope this was Battlefields plan. Release this anticipated game with the known issues and then with the updates release them with all the components we all loved in previous Battlefield games. One update and a time so is Gamers will continue to return. “Oh they fixed it, but missing this. They’ll get it on the next update” and so on. We gotta remember even though we as fans have expectations for these games it’s still a business. A business that now with online relies on us gamers to keep coming back and playing more.
For now the game will do and it’s still fun to play with friends. For now Warzone has won this battle. We’ll see a few months down the road for new changes and updates for these two rivalry franchises.

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